Orlando oceans opening last spot

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Hello athletes drew here with some updates on the Orlando oceans roster and such we have one spot left on the team I will be the coach/player so this next spot is the PG position up for grabs so everyone is welcome were looking at jok smooth and shaq right now but Idk if they will sign here is our roster
PG/coach-drew2458 3rd year in ABL (aafl pro bowl back up) and averaged 10 points and 5 rebounds in 1st year with the celtics
SG- dillon909 2nd year in ABL good 1st year
SF-julian245 1st year in ABL other name mike035
PF-chloe6897 1st year in ABL (rookie of the year candidate)
C- coolperson932 just found out 2nd year in ABL great typing

Anyone can be ???? So all u have to do Is comment I would like to see if shak would be interested in joining the ABL and the oceans PG but like I said still lookin at smooth with a 30 million deal pretty high and jok with a 12 million deal and shaq with a 14 million deal if one of them join they will be our leader for the oceans the captain of our team last year was Joshua121101 an was a rookie of the year candidate lost to national6 in the race and our first game is
August 1st at 5 pm pacific 6 pm central 7 pm eastern 8 pm so anyone else may. Join Orlando oceans taking on the good Washington wombats lead by nickelodeon12 who has a good team missing a player just like us but have a full roster If everyone joins we have a young and hungry team that might stun the ABL world and if we sign one of those 4 gentlemen we’ll be in the drivers seat for this year
That’s all here ladies and gentlemen boys and girls children of all ages the Orlando oceans and drew are out peace from drew
P.S. anyone can join boys and girls


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