Wassup Zak Did U Get My Invite


-Moneyc-123 Here Did U Check Your Email Well Check It I Send It Srry For Short Post




Cloe’s Retirement Letter!


Hey Everyone, this is Cloe. (This letter DOES NOT INVOLVE with Zac & mariola)

Yes, I am retiring… Goodbye everyone… I’m also quitting WW (WoozWorld)

I’ve really had a good time with you guys. Thank you.

I’m really glad that I had a chance to meet you guys.

You guys are the best people eva.

I just would like to say a few thing to some of you:

Gar/Homie: Goodbye bro. I really will miss you! I will always remember the fun times we had on WoozWorld. Thank you.

Seeya: Goodbye man. You’re the best. Never forget you in life!

Jr: Jr! Even though u don’t show up a lot anymore, but I hope u will see this! You are a great pal! And keep up ur blog! XD!

Aytan: Ty for everything. Never forget you.

Money: Still haven’t get my wooz, but it’s ok. 🙂 Never forget u dude.

Abby: Even though u quitted! I saw ur draft for letting me not quit! Why did u quit too!!! What the fuck! You quit before me! Anyways, you’ve been a good friend to me.

Drew/Dttat: Hey drew I just wanna say ur a nice person! I won’t forget u!

Shak – Even though we had fights, but ur a good friend dude. I won’t forget you! Note: Remember not to turn gay Shak by wearing those girl clothes! roflol!

Ryan: Cousin!!!!!!!!!! Take care man!!!!!!!!!!!! I gonna miss ya!!!!!!!!!!! (bye waves)

Goodbye! I will be back someday next year!

P.S. I will post the movie up after I’m back and I added something special to it! XD!

P.P.S. I left have nothing to do with anyone. I just wanna pace myself and refresh myself a little.

I also wanna to slow things down a little… So yeah, nothing to do with anyone.


Remember! Stick man rocks! XDDD!



ImageHey Money aytan here so yea you can get me vip not sure about drew but i think this is a good idea from you because lets say i lose or drew loses we might have a fight so yea i think ima gonna choose your idea money so if u aggree i will send my account and everything

P.s- cloe this is from aytan i will miss you bro we had a lot of good times together so take care buddy and have a good life


What You think

I’m in art class no and I drew Boston red sox



Here another one

Ok I know the cardinals suck but my I change y background very day, lol here’s a cool pic of my name on my iPad



Ok everyone is like omg I’m on my iPad or iPhone or iPod. Please if you’d do take a screenshot of it post don’t be say thing that you don’t have. And I have the proof I do have a iPad here’s apic

20120831-092026.jpg Nahh I don’t like the cardinals but it’s a good background for Ithaca

Ok look what we have here



He what feels like a girl could this guy be gay?


omg comment what you think?u