Brett in the Houuuuuuse!

Hey Athletes, Brett297 is officially a part of this blog now.




I’m sorry for Deleting Seeya Off two Blogs I only Get Pissed of when Things like this happen,

I gave all my Rarest Piece of Gear to everyone, I decided to Move on to another game…

Called dPals If i still Dont like dPals i will Move back to Meez.. Just to Hang out With Nick, Best, and More…

I’m tired of all this Nonsense

Tired of getting Hated on and Tired of WoozWorld…

I want My old Friends Back…

If they gave me another Chance that would be Great but Anyways I wont quit blogging you Can kick me out on any blogs you like

I DONT CARE It’s your CHOICE (Cloe and Gar) I am going to Move on to my Old Blog Reporters Of shak and Allstars… I am Hiring only 4 Good Bloggers I am deleting all that We’re in it putting NEW PEOPLE SO Just Comment Below for More Information!

I’m Back!!!!!!!!

Hey guys,

First, Aytan don’t quit we want you here and we will miss you. Next, Shak really your gonna delete me from reportersofwoozworld and reportersofaytan WoW!!!! I know we did have a fight, but thats cause you went off on Bret, and my other friends on woozworld. I guess i get were your coming from just don’t do it again cause it’s stupid to do that. Also,Sorry Aytan for not posting i have just been busy and haven’t got a chance to.


Might Quit

ImageHey Athletes Reporter aytan here so i might quit!!! its not because of shak deleting seeya of the blog. its just i have to do to much with this blog and in life.  people  for some reason mad at me for some reason and stuff but i am not sure if i am gonna quit i will think about it. here are the reasons why i might quit.

1. People never reply to me.

2. mariola is really P****** me off and making this blog look like c****

well i have other reasons but i don’t want people to stock me lol. but its just to complicated but i will think about but these are just my top list of friends

12. Mini

11. Dillon

10.  Zack

9. shak

8. Brett297

7.  Conner

6.  seeya

5. Abby

4. sangye1348 ( we had some fights a little on AAS but you view  this blog a lot thank you)

3. Marc & drew (dttat2458)

2. Cloe

1. Moneyc123

if you were my Buddy and i forgot to mention you i am really sorry

Thanks for all the good times but i am still thinking if i should quit its not official yet!


My New pics!!

Hey Athletes Reporter aytan here so recently i went to my cousins house so he asked me “i want to play action allstars to take more pics of you! ” then i said “More pics of me?” so then we talked he showed me the pics but he sort messed up the pic. because he emailed me the head first so i had to pit the head on the clothing so it was really hard to do but i had three accounts so i will show 3 pictures on my 3 different accounts:

aytan: Image

and one time aytan got hacked so i used my other account called coolswagOO i have lots of pics but i will only show you one!


Well that’s for all athletes cya,


New Picture



Aytan Know Its Not The Same Background But I Made It Almost The Same

Sorry For Not Posting And Too Aytan :



Moneyc123 Here Sorry For Not Posting In About A Week Been Doing Things Welll Get On From That

Too Aytan And Other Reporters On This Blog I Agree With Aytan And Cloe About The Long Post And About The Grammar Because Like Cloe Said Cant Understand What People Rite  So Yeah And Falcons Football Falcons On A Roll 3-0 Won 3 Games And Lost None Games So Far And You Said Something About A Mystery Athlete The Other Day Is That True Well Reply Back Well Thats It For Me Today Athletes Stay Safe Moneyc Out

-Moneyc123- Peace Out~