Jack’s Grave on WW

Hey Guys, Cloe here.

I recently created a grave on WW (WoozWorld) for… Jack…

Check it out if you play WW, and please vote it up.

I would like everyone to wear Purple.

If you don’t have any purple items, you may wear black, blue & yellow.

The reason why I want you guys to wear purple is because purple means good judgement, positive, and peace.

I really hope you guys will come.

The title of the unit is Jack’s Grave, look in at my profile to access to the unit.

Also, vote the unit if you think bullying should stop.

It’s fine if you just give one vote. It’s better than nothing.

Peace out & Stay Purple Everyone,



24 Responses

  1. Cloe u said your bro hung him self in front of youwhy didt you stop him? Your not the only one who lost a brother my brother died when he was7 year old he was still a baby. So ik how it feels lossing someone in your life I also lost 2 great friends too Rip Patrick and Cody. And guess what my other friend is in the hospital losing hilife right now he is very sick. So ik how ir feels Cloe. And I also have been bullied by you. So now I might take my life too if you still keep this up

    • I found him in his bedroom and hanging himself! Duh! He still had that one last breath when I came in, but when I got him down, he’s dead.. Duh!

  2. wait cloe what you mean he hung himself i don’t get that if you don’t wanna talk about it’s okay if you want some thing cloe just ask me

    • Ok. First of all, he got bullied a lot. Then, he hung himself in his bedroom. Then I came in, and saw him hanging himself. I got him down, but he’s already dead. 😦

  3. so why did you tell jack to go to different school but if someone bullied him why did he not tell an adult and how does hang kill you?

    • He didn’t tell anyone he got bullied? Duh? And I never seen him got bullied at school? Duh?

  4. ok dude stop doing that dude (i mean saying duh) i never did anything and i know you are sad and mad at the bullies but i never did anything so why mad at me?

  5. its okay bro i know how you feel

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