I’m sorry for Deleting Seeya Off two Blogs I only Get Pissed of when Things like this happen,

I gave all my Rarest Piece of Gear to everyone, I decided to Move on to another game…

Called dPals If i still Dont like dPals i will Move back to Meez.. Just to Hang out With Nick, Best, and More…

I’m tired of all this Nonsense

Tired of getting Hated on and Tired of WoozWorld…

I want My old Friends Back…

If they gave me another Chance that would be Great but Anyways I wont quit blogging you Can kick me out on any blogs you like

I DONT CARE It’s your CHOICE (Cloe and Gar) I am going to Move on to my Old Blog Reporters Of shak and Allstars… I am Hiring only 4 Good Bloggers I am deleting all that We’re in it putting NEW PEOPLE SO Just Comment Below for More Information!


3 Responses

  1. its okay shak and can i join?

  2. Hey Shak Whts Ur Name On Meez My Name Is Jordan_Fresh_Jojo220

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