Halloween Graveyard

Hey guys drew here with some Halloween Pics of my Front yard sorry if its to bright or stuff like that and you might need to click on the pics for a better look

20121031-164408.jpg There’s one half of the graveyard here’s the other side

20121031-164447.jpg here is the inside of the tent in the back.

20121031-164521.jpg So yeah that’s it if you have any pics that look awesome from your house or from any of the houses on your block just email them to me at dre2499@yahoo.com and comment down below if u like it or not or what your doing for Halloween
Happy Halloween from drew


Shak why wont u believe me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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but i aint gonna say the pass because somebody else mite hacke

Is Woozworld Calling it Quits?

Hey Athletes, Brett297 here, I’m going to quit and this is the final time. But I got on Woozworld, and I found this…

  (click picture to zoom in) In this photo right here, it says they are making new upgrades and features. But the question is, “Are they?” This might be a sign of Woozworld retiring (just like Action Allstars)

But maybe not,

We will have to see,

Well that’s all I got for now,

Cya Athletes,



Sorry I Made This Picture So Huge But Heres A Picture Of Me On Wooz 

QuickHit Update; Spartans seek win in Season Debut!

Hey guys, Brett297 here. The Golden State Spartans played against the rack City Tygas, 48-0. This game was a blowout! Spartans coach, Brett297, coached his team pretty well, to take them to the Semifinals to take the the winner of the #3 seed and the #6 seed. The Golden State Spartans were clicking on all cylinders there. But now they will have to practice even harder for their next semifinals game. If they win their semifinals game, they will go on to the QuickHit Championshp Game.




Well that’s all I have to say athletes for this game

Stay Tuned,


Brett’s site is not working


Action Allstars 2! NO LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Athletes, Brett297 here,and I have exciting news! ACTION ALLSTARS 2 IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the link… http://www.vwogo.com

Just go to the link, sign in, and play on Action Allstars!