NBA Games Online!

We all know we Woozens used to be Athletes Love basketball so much!

Well i got us a Site that will let us enjoy any Game Online!

Everyday i will be posting Every game it will have some Ads! I will show you a Video first how to get the Ads off! alright lets get started…

And here are NBA Games Links!

Heat Vs. Spurs:

Warri0rs Vs. Nuggets 10:00 ET:


Fail Rember!!




guys new website

come to

My team

hey guys whats goin on drew here and the first time ive posted in a little over a month so yeah anyway so i want to join a team and any team plz i can qualify for these positions.


Wide Reciever (WR)

Running Back (RB)


Safety (S)

Middle Linebacker (MLB)

so anyway ya thats all ohh and also a reminder pats vs cowboys thanksgiving day at 7 pm wooz time any team for me anyway peace from drew (and btw) upset city Baylor demolishes 1# (BCS) 2# (AP) Kansas State….and i was there anyway ya peace from drew.

First AAFL Game Info

Hey Athletes, Brett297 here.

The first game of AAFL is on Friday, November 23 at 7:00 P.M. Wooz Time or Eastern time.

Patriots vs Cowboys

Seahawks have the bye week for now…

Later Athletes,


What Is Happening To WoozWorld?


Hey Athletes What Is Happening To WoozWorld I Mean Evertime U Be Playing It Will Say Lost Connections That Happend To Me 5 Times All Ready Is Ww Gonna Happen Like AAS Because I Got Banned For Doing Nun If Ur Having Problems With Ww So Ask Woozband

Thats All For Today

-Moneyc123- Peace Out~



AAFL Rules

Hey Athletes, Brett297 here. I just wanted to tell you athletes the special rules of the great game of AAFL!

I’ll make it very brief…

Here they are!


1. Thy shall have fun while playing AAFL (very important rule)

2.Thy shall say inte before the receiver says “catch” to intercept the football

3. Thy shall not onside kick on a kickoff

4. The quarterback must say “who” they are throwing the football to.

5.Players are not allowed to force fumbles

6. Thy shall not be any Quarterback Sneaks

7.There shall be a ref at every game whether it’s me or another player.

8. If you are a ref, and you work for any kind of blog, you must put the correct and exact stats on a blog.


Well, I think I covered about everything, so if I missed any other important rules, just comment below or just tell me

any rule I have missed.


Cya Athletes,