what should i talk about

Hey guys drew so nobodies has commented on my posts about anything so imma ask u guys what should I talk about.in order to not bor u guys


So Heres The Last Football Games For The Year Of 2012

Vote Vote Witch Is The Best Game Of The Week

Happy Holidays!!!

Hey guys aytan here long time since i posted right? lol so anyways i just wanna say happy hlidays and have a great new year! what i got for chrsitmas? i got 2 basketball sneakers i will show you pics of them and i got MW3 so here pics of my sneakers that i got on christmas but my shoesa are better conditions so anyway here it is:

 Lebrons james shoes

Nike Hyperdunks

what did you get for for christmas? put it down in your commnts!



Merry Christmas

Hey guys drew here to just say merry Christmas and have a happy new year I got a flat screen Kinect and the iPhone 4 so a pretty good christmas for me if y’all have any presents u can comment ur more than welcome
In other news the fantasy football league there was a winner and the winner was RG34MVP (drew) the score was 179-162 In the 3rd place game it was awesomeness (Conner) 134
Falcons (money) 133 a very tight ending and one more thing.
Bowling predictions this week it’s
Texas A&M and Johnny Manziel vs. Oklahoma and there tough defense it should be a good one.
I actually predict OU to win 34-24 I think Manziel is a bit overrated and Landry Jones should do great through the air
That’s all peace from drew

I thought this game was great what do you guys think? Also sorry for not bloging because of school.

Action Allstars Coming Back?

Firefox_wallpaper Hey Guys Brett297, I know I haven’t posted in a while, but this is great news!!!! Action Allstars COULD POSSIBLY come back. key words “COME” and POSSIBLY.” There is a chance that it won’t and it is a chance there is. But the reason why AA workers and refs shut this site down is because of us. We were the problem. Here’s some proof from Wikiapedia.

Action AllStars was a sports-based virtual world for kids partnered with the National Basketball Association (NBA) and NFL Players Association (NFLPA). It launched on December 18, 2008. Upon Release, the website became an overnight success. Unfortunatly, it was critisized for the inappropiate actions the players used, which caused open chat to be taken away. This caused a chain reaction, leading to a decline in participation. The website went out of business July 3, 2012.

A rumour has circulated that Action Allstars may come back, but no true evidence has been found to support this.[1]


You see? I didn’t write this. This is not a joke, not preparing for April Fools or anything, this is REAL.

Stay tuned for more info about this.




Found A New Game Since I Quit Woozworld

Moneyc Here So I Was Look Around For Games Since WoozWorld Is So Boring Too Me So I Found        A Game Called CamPete.com U Probably Been On It If U Havnt It Almost Like Action Allstars  It About Foot Ball A Camp So Heres What It Have On It

1- It Has Where U Can Free Chat- Like Action Allstars                                                                   2- It Has Where U Can Buy Mvp- Like Action Allstars                                                                     3-It Has Trivia About Football-Like Action Allstars                                                                              4-It Has Parties-Like Action Allstars                                                                                                      5-It Has Like A Map Just- Just Like Action Allstars                                                                               6- A FootBall Stadium,And Arcade,An Ultimate Face Arena,A RunningBack Peak,Pro Palace, Skill Dreams,Defense Deep Freeze,Frosty Lock Lane, And  A Beach Its Called,Offense Oasis, Quarterback Club, Teamwork Terrace, The FootBall Shop Thats About All What U Will Find On The Map                                                                                                                                          7- Then It Has Like This Little Planet                                                                                                    8- And It Have Like Emo’                                                                                                                 9-And It Have This ScoreBoard Too Tell Who Win Games                                                             10- Last But Not Leas It Have NEWS To Tell Whats Going On 

If U Make An Account My Name Is Moneyc123 Like All Ways

That All I Have Today Athletes

-Moneyc123- Stay Safe And Its A Pretty Cool Game And Pass It On