West Wins again, Paul named Allstar MVP +New Blog!

Firefox_wallpaper  Firefox_wallpaperHey Athletes! Brett here, and last night was the 2013 NBA Allstar Game! This game was between the best players in the Eastern conference and the best players from the Western Conference of the NBA. Out of this game, the West beat the East 143-138. Game MVP was Los Angeles Clippers’ Star Point Guard (PG) was Chris Paul!Firefox_wallpaper Congratulations to Chris Paul! He played great last night! As ESPN  explains it “Chris Paul dished his way to All-Star MVP. Don’t overlook him for the regular-season version.”


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NBA Allstar Game in Houston!

Firefox_wallpaper Hey Athletes, Brett297 here, and as you all know, the NBA Allstar Game is coming soon in Houston, Texas! Very exciting this year! Anyways, there is a lot of great NBA athletes that WILL make the Allstar game.

East Allstars                                                                                           West Allstars

Dwyane Wade                                                                                          Kobe Bryant

Rajon Rondo (Injured)                                                                          Chris Paul

LeBron James                                                                                          Kevin Durant

Carmelo Anthony                                                                                    Kevin Durant

Kevin Garnett                                                                                           Blake Griffin

Chris Bosh                                                                                                LaMarcus Aldridge

Tyson Chandler                                                                                       Tim Duncan

Luol Deng                                                                                                  James Harden

Paul George                                                                                               David Lee

Jrue Holiday                                                                                             Tony Parker

Kyrie Irving                                                                                               Zach Randolph

Brook Lopez                                                                                             Russell Westbrook

Joakim Noah


Those are the Allstars playing in the Allstar game.

Later Athletes!


Guess the athlete

hey guys drew here and it has been such a long time ever since i did guess the athlete its been at least over a year but still not my point so here we go on with the clues and if u win….well i guess i will annouce that u won so here we go.

1. this guy is from action allstars

2. was a huge part of the abl ( not real huge but i guess sort of huge)

3. (big clue) his name is the name of a league in a american professional sport (not gonna say which one)

4. he’s sometimes known for having “swag”

thats all peace from drew

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Fantasy Baseball Sign Ups now

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