News on Nicks website

Hey guys drew here so I got an email from my first world (the online website that nick made on there and anyone out there that personally knows him or can talk to him tell him to try and add this on the website I forgot what it was called

Ohh and btw I’m BACK!!!!!!


Free PSN codes! and aytans Virtual world news

Hey Athletes aytan here. so i have a bunch of PSN codes to share. if you want a code put your email in the comments and i’ll email you. in your comments put how much you want your card to be (Ex. 10$,20$,50$) and how much codes you want like 10x 50$. Ok now lets talk about my Virtual thats comeing out soon. Ok so if you want to help just comment below. Workers gets to be mods or if they work hard they could earn Adminstrator. the last day to sign up is on March 20 2013. after that i will be posting the postion of what job you guys get. BTW i’ll email you guys the PSN codes for about 1 week. if you choose 10x 50 it takes about 2 weeks.

I am quitting until…..

Hey Athletes,Aytan here. so as you guys heard that my account Aytancool has been hacked! the person who hacked my account was probly the guy who hacked those gift generators. now why i say that? cause hes been hacking people non-stop! well i am not saying it was him 100% but it was a hacker. i got a reply from woozworld today saying that it’ll take couple of days to get my account back. now why a couple of days? the reason why they said a couple of days because the person who hacked, hacked me from Woozworld Finder V1 (which was last updated last week!) so when i saw my hacked account (aytancool) half of my unitz was deleted and when you see the profile i am wearing all newbie clothes so the hacker must’ve stoled my clothes (no i am not Exposed! i meant he took all the rare clothes,etc.) and also what they was i might not get my clothes,wooz,beex,furniture,mysery boxes,shops,etc. they said i might never get them back if that happens well i might quit woozworld and the only time we could chat is only if i blog which i wont barly anymore. so if i gave you wooz before when i had my old account back, now would be a good time to give me something in return (lol) or if your willing to donate please add and trade me at AytanGotHacked ( my new woozins name) or you can support me as emailing woozworld
Have a Good Day/Night

Aytan’s Virtual World!

Hey Athletes Aytan here. so since the rumor isnt true that action allstars is gonna come back. so i decided to make a virtual world. if you want to help me just comment below! anyways whoever helps me gets to be a Ref/Mod. well i am not sure if its gonna be virtual but this is the website that nick used to make sportsmaster. so anyways please comment down if you want to help me out with it and also in your comments write down what should be the name? this game will be like action allstars just an FYI. remember to comment down if you want to help and what should be the title!

Action Allstars coming back?

Hey Athletes aytan here. so is drew right? will action allstars come back tommrow?. we’ll just have to wait. but i doubt it will come back. but action allstars still has a website but the page is all white (blank). well if it comes back well i am gonna quit woozworld. but theres an another argument i have to say. if action allstars is comeing back on march 3 2013 (tommrow) action allstars would’ve post it on thier facebook. but yet leads to a differnt question. when action allstars retired how come they didnt delete their website and the facebook? are they trying to suprise us or something? but yet i’ve been doing some reasarch and it turns out couple weeks ago wekepidea said that action allstars will be comeing out in march or may (after drew said march 3rd) but right now action allstars on wekepida is an orphan it has no post. so do you think action allstars is coming back?

Have A Good Day/Night!

Action Allstars’ Grand Opening???

Firefox_wallpaper Hey Athletes, Brett297 here.

So… On Reporters of Action Allstars (ROAA), they found out that Drew (dtatt) was the anonymous Wikipedia Editor. In that Action Allstars bio on Wikipedia, it said AA will open on March 3rd, 2013… Well today is March 2nd, 2013. So, that means there is only one day left till the predicted day of Action Allstars Grand opening. Now, that does NOT mean that it will open. This is just a predicted date on when it will come. It might not come back at all! Hopefully it does though. So I need you athletes, to type in tomorrow when you have spare time. If the site DOES  come on tomorrow, comment below that it works. And I will do the same. I recomend that all Action Allstars Athletes try to check if AA works tomorrow. The more people that do this (and Does open) the quicker we can get back to Action Allstars!!!

Thank you athletes!