Game 7 Thriller

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So last night was the very last night of this year NBA Basketball season. It’s very sad, because I know how great basketball games are. They can get very intense!

Last Night was Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Spurs taking on the Heat at the American Airlines Court. Both teams won three games a piece. In fact, this entire series has been alternating. So you know G1- Spurs, G2- Heat, G3- Spurs, G4- Heat, G5- Spurs, G6- Heat, G7- Spu- Oh wait… The Heat ended their alternating streak last night. The Miami Heat end up beating the Spurs, 95-88. Very depressing for the Spurs, however, the Heat gave a lot of respect to the Spurs for playing such a great game. The game was neck and neck the entire game. And about 2 minutes or so left in the game. the Heat started scoring and they stopped the Spurs from scoring.

The Miami Heat were crowned Champions, with LeBron James taking another Finals MVP award.


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Heat Vs Spurs Game 4

Hey -Moneyc- Here So Did You Watch Heat Vs Spurs Game 4 If You Didnt Heres Go A Post

 Heat 109 Spurs 93

James Scored 33 Points

Dwayne Wade Scored 32 points

Chris Bosh With Only 20 Points

Toney Parker  Who Was Scoreless In The Second Half While Playing Through A Grade Strain Of His Right Hamstring That Surfaced During Game 3 On Tuesday.  LeBron James  Who Added 11 Rebounds And A Pair Of Blocked Shots.The Best Game The James-Wade-Bosh Trio Had In This Series Was Game 1 When They Combined For 48 Points. Heat Lost Game 1  While Shooting 20-47 From Any Spot. They Totaled 85 Points Tonight And Each Shot Better Than 50 Percent From The Floor 37 For 64 Combined I Say Thats Porbably 58 Percent. Wade Became Just The Fifth Player In Finals History With At Least 30 Points, Five Rebounds And Five Steals In NBA Finals Game Joining Allen Iverson, Michael JordanScottie Pippen And Julius Erving They Are All On The List My Brother Told Me That. This Was The First Time In 15 Finals Games Together That Both Wade And James Scored 30 Plus Points. Miami Had (Rebounds) 41 Rebounds Game 4 (Turnovers) 9 Turnovers (Fast Break Points) 14 Fast Break Points (Biggest Lead) 13 Biggest Lead (Points In The Paint) 50 PoInts In The Paint.San Antonio (Rebounds) 36 Rebounds In Game 4 (Turnovers) 18 Turnovers (Fast Break Points) 6 Fast Break Points (Biggest Lead) 10 Is Their Biggest Lead (Points In The Paint) 38 Points In The Paint

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Hey Athletes Aytan here just a couple of words before I get started. welcome back money long time no see good to have you back see you on woozworld xD. Anyways lets go on to the news:
NBA: Doc Rivers has interest in leaving the Boston Celtics to become the next head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, according to sources.The Clippers would put Rivers to the top of their list if he became available. The Celtics have not received a request from the Clippers to interview Rivers.The Clippers are currently focused on talks with Brian Shawm Byron Scott and Lionel Hollins to replace Vinny Del Negro.With Chris Paul becoming a free agent, the Clippers are looking to make a bold move at head coach. BTW spurs lead heat 2-1.

MLB: Adam Wainwright led the Cardinals to a 2-1 win over the Mets on Thursday afternoon, becoming the first pitcher to win 10 games this season.Wainwright pitched seven scoreless innings against New York.He had six strikeouts, giving him 97 for the season.Four other pitchers entered Thursday’s action with nine wins — Max Scherzer, Clay Buchholz, Jordan Zimmermann and Patrick Corbin.

NFL: The New York Jets are on the verge of signing Kellen Winslow.Winslow has been dealing with injuries over the past few seasons.Winslow was once one of the best playmakers at the tight end position in the NFL.

NHL (wanted to help out conner) : Andrew Shaw scored on a deflection in triple overtime to lift the Blackhawks to a 4-3 win over the Bruins in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals on Wednesday. The game was the fifth longest in Stanley Cup finals history, according to an report.

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NBA 2K14 Heating up!

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So NBA 2K14  is coming out soon right? I’ve heard the actual game comes out on the first Tuesday of October. In my 2K13 season, I haven’t even got past the Allstar break, so I might get 2K14 before i finish my first season! Haha!

So I’ve been looking up stuff about 2K14, and I found a few pictures of the actual gameplay of NBA 2K14.

Here they are!




                    NBA 2K14 Cover right there.





So those are the pictures I have seen. This game looks really amazing! Hopefully there will be things will be improved and better for 2K14. I’m sure Ronnie 2K will handle that.


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Hey guys Conner here so i noticed no one talks hockey at all. So here is a poll for the Stanley cup. We should talk about hockey its a sport to people! So vote below on who u want to win the cup.

Heat Vs Spurs Game 3 And Aytans Blog Comeback

Hey Reporter Moneyc Here So I See Aytan,Drew,Conner,And Brett Comes Back So I Am Back So Yeah Ima Also Coming Back To Wooz

Now Did U See Game 3 oF Heat Vs Spurs Also I am A Knicks Fan But Going With The Spurs

The San Antonio  Spurs litterly killed the heat in game 3 The Final Score 77-113  The Miami Heat kept saying it didn’t matter  that lebron James affects the game in different ways and this sudden disappearance of his scoring. james who had two points at the half when the Spurs led 50-44, missed 11 of his first 13 shots and finished with less than 20 points for the third game The Spurs broke open a close game tied at 44, with a 69-33 run. And it wasn’t Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, or Manu Ginobili that was doing good but role players Gary Neal, Kawhi Leonard, and Danny Green. neal who had scored in double-digits four times in all his playoffs career.neal  finished with 24 points and made six three-pointers.leonard was outstanding in defending james  and added 14 had 27 points and made seven of nine three-pointers.just once all season had he scored less than 20 points in back to back games. thats it and here a picture that i found of the heat after the game Game 3 in San Antonio: Spurs 113, Heat 77 - Heat players Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Mario Chalmers and Ray Allen try to shrug off the loss.

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