Spurs vs Heat game 2

hey guys drew here with projections for the NBA finals game 2.

I predict that the spurs will win again because Parker and Manu will run over Dwayne and Mario combining for 53 points I think the heat will have a better offensive performance but Bosh will not come up big Dwayne may get 20. but the main reason for the heat’s loss will actually be the king James. I have a feeling that one game in this series Lebron will screw up and this will be the game. Turnovers and bad shots. I’m not saying the heat are going to get spanked but the Spurs will be all over any turnovers or mistakes or any thing the heat may do wrong

projected score
San Antonio: 98

Heat : 91
maybe a little more or a little less from the Heat but I Project….. 2-0 lead Spurs


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