Guess what I got guys

Hey guys drew here with 2 things one is too check out my new gaming channel on YouTube called TheGaminguniverse24 got some MLB 13 Road To The Show series a NCAA Football 14 Dynasty Series and some old school games like Backyard Football 2006 Season mode so make sure and subscribe leave a like favorite even leave a comment for me if you want me to do something new so ya and number 2 is important

20130720-173209.jpg braces that’s right will have them on for a year and a half so… Ya that’s all see ya guys


Might Quit

Hey Athletes Aytan here sorry for not posting for a long time anyways I might quit. this blog and woozworld. should I quit? please vote in the poll below.

have a Good Day/Night,

Cool Game for Apple Devices

What’s goin on drew here with a post that’s a pretty cool game called Clash Of Clans

20130717-105331.jpg The pic is kinda of small but of course u can make it bigger anyway its really cool game you get a village buy some cannons and archer towers and some gold mine to produce more gold and u can upgrade ur defense and build wall by ur clan so it will harder for ur opponets you face other people from around the world you get enough coins to rebuild a clan castle and u can make a clan or join someone else’s

20130717-105602.jpg that’s where I place in my clan and here is what my clan looks like

20130717-105633.jpg its pretty fun after a while anyway guys thats all see ya!

Is Action Allstars Returning?

Hey Athletes aytan here, so I was searching on Wikipedia and I searched up action allstars. well this kind of shocked me cause it said the fallowing quote “Action Allstars is quite likely return on December 22nd 2013 with a new owner. Gameplay is projected to be quite different, however.” could this be true? or its just a rumor? are you going to play it? are you not going to play it? (so much questions lol) anyways stey tuned athletes!

1 year ago..

Hey People, Aytan here sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I was busy. Anyways, who remembers what happened 1 year ago? well if you don’t here’s what happened. 1 year ago Action Allstars Retired. Tragic lol. They Lost money so with no money= Shut Down Game. Also one year ago I started blogging. my first blog was (Thank you Marc!)
This Just In Al Jefferson Goes to Bobcats for a $41M Dollar Contract.
Have a Great 4th of July!

NBA News


Hey Guys,

Cloe here. Long time no post, huh?

Anyways, today I’m going to give you updates on NBA.

Dwight Howard is going to be on the Houston Rockets? Well, he met with their team. Free agency opened at midnight EDT, contracts can’t be signed until July 10. Rockets fan get ready for Howard!

Detroit Pistons meets an Atlanta Hawk free agent, Josh Smith at the beginning of free agency. However, no offer was made. The Pistons are most likely won’t offer Smith the max.

The Denver Nuggets player, Andre Iguodala is going to meet with Pistons, New Orleans Pelicans, Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors. Denver Nuggets are willing to offer him a contract extension when they see him on Monday. Iguodala opted out of a $16 million contract for next season, but a hefty extension could certainly lure him back.

The New Orleans Pelicans are interested at Kings’ restricted free agent Tyreke Evans and Oklahoma City Thunders’ free agent Kevin Martin. The Pelicans met with Evans early Monday morning, and they were prepared to make a big offer. The team could potentially clear nearly $13 million in cap space to sign Evans to an offer sheet outright. If the Pelicans is unable to get Evans or Iguodala, they will push to Martin. The OKC Thunders are mostly won’t re-sign Martin because of the luxury tax consequences. Martin is also interested in the Pistons, Dallas Mavericks, Minnesota Timberwolves and Milwaukee Bucks.

The Orlando Magic player J.J. Redick and the Dallas Maverick player O.J. Mayo will probably switch teams. The Milwaukee Bucks and the Minnesota Timberwolves are interested in J.J. Redick. The Timberwolves said they would commit serious money to get Redick.  The Wolves are reportedly meeting Tuesday with J.J. Redick. For Mayo, he met with the Timberwolves at the beginning of free agency and has several more meetings scheduled for Monday. Mayo is also going to meet with the Pistons, Bucks, Los Angeles Clippers, and Utah Jazz.