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Hey guys, I created my own Fantasy Football league on Yahoo Sports. If u want to join, please comment your email address below, Thanks.

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Fantasy Baseball

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Hey guys Conner here long time no talk. I created a Fantasy Baseball team on Yahoo and i need (at least) 4 others to join so if u want give me your email address so i can invite u thanks.

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Hey guys Conner here so i noticed no one talks hockey at all. So here is a poll for the Stanley cup. We should talk about hockey its a sport to people! So vote below on who u want to win the cup.

Did you know?

Hey guys Reporter Conner here is been a long time since i posted anything so i am coming up with my own segment called ” did you know” its sports stuff that you may have known but i didn’t. So as you know i am a San Antonio Spurs fan and have been for a few years. But did you know that Jason Kidd rejected a 5 year 80 million dollar contract from the Spurs to only resign with the former New Jersey Nets? (now the Brooklyn Nets) Wow i didn’t know that did you? The Spurs got Tony Parker after that. If you were Kidd would you resigned with the nets or go with spurs? Comment below.  Well that’s it from me see ya later, oh and i think i lost my sig i am not sure.

I thought this game was great what do you guys think? Also sorry for not bloging because of school.

Your Predictions on who’s gonna go to the World Series.

Hey Athletes Conner here and sorry for not posting for a while you know how it is with school work right? Any who, lets talk some baseball both the Braves and Rangers (wowers) were knocked off the playoffs and a chance of the world series thanks to a one game wild card series. So i want to know who you want to see in the world series (comment below) and maybe talk about how lame a one game wild card is i think it should be the first to 3, wins and goes on and yes while us Rangers fans in Texas (and in any other state) are sad that we lost at least we went to the playoffs 3 times even if it was a wild card and the Rangers haven’t been playing like we want the world series title like the past 2 years in a row. So tell me who you want to see play in the world series, and the teams currently are: The Yankees, Giants ,Reds Nats, Oakland A’s, Tigers, Baltimore, and the Cardinals. So That’s all from me see ya later.

Hey Guys

Hey guys I will not be on much i am going back to school tomorrow so please do not remove me from your blogs please I will be on every Saturday and Sunday and school holidays. Once again DO NOT REMOVE ME FROM YOUR BLOGS. Thank you and see ya on Saturday!