Draft time and date

hey guys drew here just to tell you guys that the Action Allstars Fantasy Football league will start on Saturday August, 17th at noon sooo… yeah we were able to get the last spot for the league so yea. See yea later guys bye.


Fantasy Football League Year 2 and Thegaminguniverse24

hey guys drew here with 2 things one is the 2nd year of Fantasy Football League we only had 4 last year hopefully 6 or 8 could join this year so far its me and conner aytan and money’s are still pending but…yeah

and 2 is my gaming channel called Thegaminguniverse24 i know it doesnt have perfect quality but its gameplay none of the less so… yeah that will be all if you guys are interested then just comment down below anyway see ya guys drew out…..

MLB News

Hey guys drew here with some MLB predictions sort of.

TEAM ON THE RISE: Texas Rangers

I’m not surprised why after being down 7 games to the former division leading A’s they storm back and sweep the Angels Astros and win 3 out of 4 to the D-backs and now there a game ahead of the A’s plus adding OF Alex Rios off of waivers will put some length in the outfield with David Murphy and Chase Gentry (including Nelson Cruz suspended till the postseason).

TEAM ON THE FALL: San Fransisco Giants

There not having the worst season in the world but coming off a World Series win it sure seams like it for Giants fans 4 out of 5 of there starters in there rotation have a ERA higher than 4 (Zito Lincecum Bumgardner and Cain) there outfields last in the league in homers with 20. And they rank 27 in RBI’s

THE SURPRISE TEAM: Cleveland Indians

I gotta say even though They are Behind in the AL Central Terry Francona has done a good job with this team This offense has been huge with 6 guys with 10+ home runs and 4 with more than 50 RBI’s there only good starting pitcher they have is Masterson with a 13-8 record and an era lower than 4 and has some backup in a young Corey Kluber


Last year it was the Marlins this year it is the Blue Jays getting Dickey and Reyes would be a break out thing from the only team that’s not in the U.S. but that wasn’t the case Well actually I take some of it back Edwin Encarnasion and Jose Bautista are absouloute beasts this season combined for 57 home runs but I mean they aren’t that bad though even though there 8 games below .500 they still have decent bats and some good arms (even though dickey’s record is 8-11) if they go on a huge rampage they got a shot at the Wild Card


Some people are on the Pirates bandwagon well I’m kind of on it too McCutchen Marte Alvarez Neil Walker Russel Martin and Gaby Sanchez now that’s a lineup plus with Liriano having a great season as well as Jeff Locke (9-3 ERA 2.47) also with a great and reliable closer in Jason Grilli and there outstanding bullpen

The lowest I’m predicting them is NLDS farthest is the World Series
That’s all peace from drew

I’m still here with more series coming up

Hey guys drew here with some MLB news as well as to say that’s I’m still here and will be posting and will be doing some guess the athlete NFL will be easieharder will get harder so ya so here’s some MLB news


Guess what I got guys

Hey guys drew here with 2 things one is too check out my new gaming channel on YouTube called TheGaminguniverse24 got some MLB 13 Road To The Show series a NCAA Football 14 Dynasty Series and some old school games like Backyard Football 2006 Season mode so make sure and subscribe leave a like favorite even leave a comment for me if you want me to do something new so ya and number 2 is important

20130720-173209.jpg braces that’s right will have them on for a year and a half so… Ya that’s all see ya guys

Cool Game for Apple Devices

What’s goin on drew here with a post that’s a pretty cool game called Clash Of Clans

20130717-105331.jpg The pic is kinda of small but of course u can make it bigger anyway its really cool game you get a village buy some cannons and archer towers and some gold mine to produce more gold and u can upgrade ur defense and build wall by ur clan so it will harder for ur opponets you face other people from around the world you get enough coins to rebuild a clan castle and u can make a clan or join someone else’s

20130717-105602.jpg that’s where I place in my clan and here is what my clan looks like

20130717-105633.jpg its pretty fun after a while anyway guys thats all see ya!

Spurs vs Heat game 2

hey guys drew here with projections for the NBA finals game 2.

I predict that the spurs will win again because Parker and Manu will run over Dwayne and Mario combining for 53 points I think the heat will have a better offensive performance but Bosh will not come up big Dwayne may get 20. but the main reason for the heat’s loss will actually be the king James. I have a feeling that one game in this series Lebron will screw up and this will be the game. Turnovers and bad shots. I’m not saying the heat are going to get spanked but the Spurs will be all over any turnovers or mistakes or any thing the heat may do wrong

projected score
San Antonio: 98

Heat : 91
maybe a little more or a little less from the Heat but I Project….. 2-0 lead Spurs