guys new website

come to


Check this out!

Hey guys,

I wanted to say to check out a cool new blog heres the site hope you like it

I’m Back!!!!!!!!

Hey guys,

First, Aytan don’t quit we want you here and we will miss you. Next, Shak really your gonna delete me from reportersofwoozworld and reportersofaytan WoW!!!! I know we did have a fight, but thats cause you went off on Bret, and my other friends on woozworld. I guess i get were your coming from just don’t do it again cause it’s stupid to do that. Also,Sorry Aytan for not posting i have just been busy and haven’t got a chance to.



Hey Atletes, woozens, and ppl 

if you are a woozen good news we have some new stuff happening like a clearance which is new stuff for low prices so you save your wooz and well i havent been posting because of me being busy so aytan i just wanted to tell you that so peace


Hey athlete, Im seeyagotswag 

Im a new reporter on this blog. Thnx Aytan for letting me join. Hope for the future