You READ It All Wrong!!

Hello People Abby here!!

ok guys I didnt MEan It tht Way!!

i Ment Like He should have added more nice people !

ovbi i think u guys r nice thts why i talk to you  u guys r like my bffls

Sorry if i hurt anybody’s feelings…..

Pc from Abby


Grudge match Round Four!!!!!! Finals

Hey woozers and athletes its the time you have been waiting for….
                                                                   THE FINALS!!!!

Remember to vote vote vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will it be Abby or Aytan
May the best win,

To Aytan

Hey Aytan…Abby here!!

Remember when you asked me to be athlete spotlight on my blog…??

Well Your Up Next!! Sorry bout the wait too!!

Ok I need you to answer these questions:

What is your favorite Sport?

Who is your favorite Famous Athlete?

What is your favorite Food?
Who are your Best friends?

Who are your favorite blogger(s) on Reporters of Abbster2?

What is your favorite thing to do in spare time?

Anything to Add?

Thanks…Pc from Abbster2!!


To:Moneyc123 and abby

Hey moneyc123 and abby you guys want to be double header athlete spotlight?  if you want to moneyc123 just comment if you want to be thanks bye



Ayeeo Abby here!!

For your Information…

I will be on vacation starting next week….so I will not be posting………

Please don’t kick me off your blogs…..

Btw…I will not be doing Newz4U!!!

I will be coming back about a week or 3 weeks later…

Pc from Abbster2!!

Grudge match round 3!!!!!

Hey Guys Here is grudge match round 3!!!!!!!!

Remember To Vote Vote Vote!!!! and don’t forget to see our Athlete Spotlight TheBenjiBang


(btw thx abby for the  sig)

Newz4U 4-6

Hello Athletes !!

Abby here!! With Newz4U!

  1. Mariola pretending to be RefMars AND Jok34!! Watch Out!! You Could Be Next!!
  2. Check out this page to get a FREE Sig!!
  3. Are you Watching the Olympics? USA currently have 61 Medals!!
  4. Check out Zace’s new Blog….
  5. Have you seen the New Movie…Blog Love?!?! Made by Cloe..and Starring ME!! Here’s the trailer..

Pc from Abbster2

Btw…if you have any IMPORTANT news that you would like to tell me so that I could put it in the article NEXT week…then just comment below.