abl news

hey athletes drew here with some abl news from woozworld so here it is:

no info on this weeks games but last weeks results here they are

Cats 51 Wombats 44


Eisner24- 18 points 14 assists

Dalton0521- 34 points 8 assists


TheBenjiBang- 16 points 4 assists

Joshuaizbaq- 15 points 8 assists

TroubleSwagg- 13 points 4 assists

the cats played another game before this against my oceans

Cats 52   Oceans 43


Dalton0521- 32 points 12 rebounds 9 assists

OMGiamcool- 20 points 3 rebounds 4 assists


Drew2458- 21 points 3 rebounds 3 assists

Justin425- 22 points 2 rebounds 4 assists

the spartans played the puppies and the puppies won no stats posted for that game

puppies also  faced the leprechauns and i heard the puppies won but no stats heard from anybody and here the roster  if im wrong plz comment:

Cats: Dalton0521, Sunsfan3, Eisner24, Coolguy174, Omgiamcool, Arshak13

Oceans- Drew2458, Justin425, Nickelodeon12, Landen220, Sportsboy1235 (if he will not be at next game will be released for other player)

Spartans: Miniliebron3, Aytan, Brett297, marcgotswag, mdawg12345,Orangeblob

Wombats:TheBenjiBang, National6, Chloe6897, Troubleswagg, Joshuaizbaq

Leprechauns: Bostonfan290, Chaddydog17, Stevo1113, Moneyc123, DXbeast22,

Puppies: Jok34, Ryan0110, RYGUY832, joeyt135

last but not least here are the standings:

1. Cleveland Cats (2-0)

2. Minnesota Puppies (2-0)

3. Orlando Oceans (1-1)

4. Boston Leprechauns (0-1) boston needs a make up game sometime vs wombats

5. Washington Wombats (0-2)

6. Golden State Spartans (0-2)

anyway thats all peace from drew