Is Action Allstars Returning?

Hey Athletes aytan here, so I was searching on Wikipedia and I searched up action allstars. well this kind of shocked me cause it said the fallowing quote “Action Allstars is quite likely return on December 22nd 2013 with a new owner. Gameplay is projected to be quite different, however.” could this be true? or its just a rumor? are you going to play it? are you not going to play it? (so much questions lol) anyways stey tuned athletes!


1 year ago..

Hey People, Aytan here sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I was busy. Anyways, who remembers what happened 1 year ago? well if you don’t here’s what happened. 1 year ago Action Allstars Retired. Tragic lol. They Lost money so with no money= Shut Down Game. Also one year ago I started blogging. my first blog was (Thank you Marc!)
This Just In Al Jefferson Goes to Bobcats for a $41M Dollar Contract.
Have a Great 4th of July!