Gay much?!

Gay nikka!


NBA Games Online!

We all know we Woozens used to be Athletes Love basketball so much!

Well i got us a Site that will let us enjoy any Game Online!

Everyday i will be posting Every game it will have some Ads! I will show you a Video first how to get the Ads off! alright lets get started…

And here are NBA Games Links!

Heat Vs. Spurs:

Warri0rs Vs. Nuggets 10:00 ET:



I’m sorry for Deleting Seeya Off two Blogs I only Get Pissed of when Things like this happen,

I gave all my Rarest Piece of Gear to everyone, I decided to Move on to another game…

Called dPals If i still Dont like dPals i will Move back to Meez.. Just to Hang out With Nick, Best, and More…

I’m tired of all this Nonsense

Tired of getting Hated on and Tired of WoozWorld…

I want My old Friends Back…

If they gave me another Chance that would be Great but Anyways I wont quit blogging you Can kick me out on any blogs you like

I DONT CARE It’s your CHOICE (Cloe and Gar) I am going to Move on to my Old Blog Reporters Of shak and Allstars… I am Hiring only 4 Good Bloggers I am deleting all that We’re in it putting NEW PEOPLE SO Just Comment Below for More Information!

I’m Back!!!!!!!!

Hey guys,

First, Aytan don’t quit we want you here and we will miss you. Next, Shak really your gonna delete me from reportersofwoozworld and reportersofaytan WoW!!!! I know we did have a fight, but thats cause you went off on Bret, and my other friends on woozworld. I guess i get were your coming from just don’t do it again cause it’s stupid to do that. Also,Sorry Aytan for not posting i have just been busy and haven’t got a chance to.


New WoozWorld Scam Trick!

I made this VIDEO…

Wooooooz is betta!

Hey Woozens,

Go to

there is a Widget on the top Right corner it says Wooz World Chat Join now press that and walah your in!

You All have been Missing out on alot

Everybody is Quiting Meez and joining Woozworld

too tell you the truth Wooz World has a Green Review but Meez has yellow

which makes people Stupider or Dumb but the only thing that Meez has is the HULU thingy thats all

Plus there parents don’t know what there playing! On WoozWorld my Parents know what i’m doing so are the others.

Look I got Proof!

Plus look I wouldn’t trust those Parents and Kids say things… those are all fake,

Comment Below if you think the same Way if you don’t Agree just Leave this post alone and get on with your Life Thank you for giving the opportunity to be a blogger on all of your Awesome blogs I Appreciate it Sorry for not posting  a while I Wont post alot since my school starts at August 15th

Best Of AA?

Hello Woozens, Athletes,

I Would like to know Who’s the Nicest guy Or girl you know on Wooz World that is from AA

Let Give you a list,


Shak aka Me

Donkey Kong AKA shak pet


See ya




















Maybe I forgot some of you But

If  I Did tell me I Will put you In here

Oh And remember you can’t Vote for your Self