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Hey Athletes Aytan here sorry for not posting for a long time anyways I might quit. this blog and woozworld. should I quit? please vote in the poll below.

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Is Action Allstars Returning?

Hey Athletes aytan here, so I was searching on Wikipedia and I searched up action allstars. well this kind of shocked me cause it said the fallowing quote “Action Allstars is quite likely return on December 22nd 2013 with a new owner. Gameplay is projected to be quite different, however.” could this be true? or its just a rumor? are you going to play it? are you not going to play it? (so much questions lol) anyways stey tuned athletes!

1 year ago..

Hey People, Aytan here sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I was busy. Anyways, who remembers what happened 1 year ago? well if you don’t here’s what happened. 1 year ago Action Allstars Retired. Tragic lol. They Lost money so with no money= Shut Down Game. Also one year ago I started blogging. my first blog was http://reporterofmarcandallstars.wordpress.com/ (Thank you Marc!)
This Just In Al Jefferson Goes to Bobcats for a $41M Dollar Contract.
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Hey Athletes Aytan here just a couple of words before I get started. welcome back money long time no see good to have you back see you on woozworld xD. Anyways lets go on to the news:
NBA: Doc Rivers has interest in leaving the Boston Celtics to become the next head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, according to sources.The Clippers would put Rivers to the top of their list if he became available. The Celtics have not received a request from the Clippers to interview Rivers.The Clippers are currently focused on talks with Brian Shawm Byron Scott and Lionel Hollins to replace Vinny Del Negro.With Chris Paul becoming a free agent, the Clippers are looking to make a bold move at head coach. BTW spurs lead heat 2-1.

MLB: Adam Wainwright led the Cardinals to a 2-1 win over the Mets on Thursday afternoon, becoming the first pitcher to win 10 games this season.Wainwright pitched seven scoreless innings against New York.He had six strikeouts, giving him 97 for the season.Four other pitchers entered Thursday’s action with nine wins — Max Scherzer, Clay Buchholz, Jordan Zimmermann and Patrick Corbin.

NFL: The New York Jets are on the verge of signing Kellen Winslow.Winslow has been dealing with injuries over the past few seasons.Winslow was once one of the best playmakers at the tight end position in the NFL.

NHL (wanted to help out conner) : Andrew Shaw scored on a deflection in triple overtime to lift the Blackhawks to a 4-3 win over the Bruins in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals on Wednesday. The game was the fifth longest in Stanley Cup finals history, according to an ESPN.com report.

Well that’s all for this week every Thursday will be sportstime hope you enjoyed this
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Hello Athletes, Aytan here. so I made a new segment called sportstime! its like sportshub from one of our reporter Drew. but I just made this up so this blog wont be boring without anypost so I am just gonna keep this blog going anyways here are some news:
NBA: George Karl will not be brought back as head coach of the Denver Nuggets. Karl had been pushing for a contract extension and ownership wasn’t planning on giving one to him. Karl was entering the final season of his contract and was coming off a Coach of the Year season. The Nuggets feel that they can sign an elite head coach due to the strength of its roster and were reticent about dealing with an unhappy Karl in the final season of his deal. The Nuggets also lost Masai Ujiri this offseason. The Nuggets also lost Masai Ujiri this offseason. The Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers also have yet to fill their openings. And Remember tonight is game 1 on the NBA finals, if you will like to enter my contest to win 100 wooz go right ahead and Good luck to the Heat and Spurs
MLB: Chris Perez is under investigation by drug agents for a suspected shipment of marijuana mailed to his suburban home.No charges have been filed and the matter remains under investigation.At a news conference Wednesday, the Rocky River police chief said the operation likely originated with a package that appeared suspicious to postal employees.Indians general manager Chris Antonetti said in a statement that the team had talked with Perez and was “gathering additional information.”Perez is currently on the disabled list.
NFL: Ben Roethlisberger underwent minor surgery on the meniscus of his right knee on Wednesday.Roethlisberger hasn’t played a full season since 2008, though he hasn’t missed more than four starts in any of them.
NHL: Veteran defenseman Mark Streit, set to become an unrestricted free agent on July 5, will not return to the Islanders next season, sources told Newsday.A source told ESPNNewYork.com that Streit is “likely” to be headed to free agency.
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Cool Virtual World Shaq Made!

Hey Athletes so as you Guys heard Shaq made a cool virtual world call “ACTIONWORLD” i registured and i think its a cool game to play. Yes, he has to put items but he will ASAP anyways its still a cool game and he will make cool items just a FYI. here is the link to his cool virtual website
Remember to have fum with his website and to Fallow to Blog!
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P.S from now on i’ll be doing ads on peoples blog,stores in woozworld and Virtual Websites

Bringing it Back

Hey Athletes,Aytan here so i am bringing Athlete Spotlight back to this blog! if you want to be Athlete Spotlight please fill out the info right below:
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P.S dont forgot to pkay my virtual game (we still have to put items and avatars in the game)