New Bullying program & 9/11

ImageHey Athletes aytan here i will make a new program on my blog and hopefully others. the program will be called “The Bullying program” there have been lots of deaths in the US from Bullying and cyber bullying let me explain Bullying.  Bullying means going up to someone stealing stuff from then, hurting people suck as putting people in lockers, punching them  and swirles (putting head in toilet) and let me also explain cyber bullying. cyber bullying is such as making fun of someone on the internet  and also in text messages etc. i really don’t like bully’s so lets get rid of them by making a difference if there is more bully’s then lost of deaths can happen so don’t bully! if i see my reporters on my blog say bad stuff to each other i will edit it! i don’t care if you are a reporter and if you are don’t even think about saying “Ha i am a Reporter i can do anything i want” don’t even think about saying

Yesterday was 9/11 R.i.p for those who lost there lives from that

We will

Have a good day and remember to fallow this blog

~Reporter aytan