Grudge match Round Four!!!!!! Finals

Hey woozers and athletes its the time you have been waiting for….
                                                                   THE FINALS!!!!

Remember to vote vote vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will it be Abby or Aytan
May the best win,

Grudge match round 3!!!!!

Hey Guys Here is grudge match round 3!!!!!!!!

Remember To Vote Vote Vote!!!! and don’t forget to see our Athlete Spotlight TheBenjiBang


(btw thx abby for the  sig)

Grudge match round 2!!!!!!

Hey Guys ready to vote cuz grudge match is ready!!!!!!

Remember the winner gets to get Athlete spotlight and remember to vote vote vote!!!


grudge match round 1!!!

Hey Aytan here since to many ppl are busy playing wooz and stuff. here are the matches! but no prizes sorry cuz not to much ppl!

cya later and remember to VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!!!!