I am quitting until…..

Hey Athletes,Aytan here. so as you guys heard that my account Aytancool has been hacked! the person who hacked my account was probly the guy who hacked those gift generators. now why i say that? cause hes been hacking people non-stop! well i am not saying it was him 100% but it was a hacker. i got a reply from woozworld today saying that it’ll take couple of days to get my account back. now why a couple of days? the reason why they said a couple of days because the person who hacked, hacked me from Woozworld Finder V1 (which was last updated last week!) so when i saw my hacked account (aytancool) half of my unitz was deleted and when you see the profile i am wearing all newbie clothes so the hacker must’ve stoled my clothes (no i am not Exposed! i meant he took all the rare clothes,etc.) and also what they was i might not get my clothes,wooz,beex,furniture,mysery boxes,shops,etc. they said i might never get them back again.so if that happens well i might quit woozworld and the only time we could chat is only if i blog which i wont barly anymore. so if i gave you wooz before when i had my old account back, now would be a good time to give me something in return (lol) or if your willing to donate please add and trade me at AytanGotHacked ( my new woozins name) or you can support me as emailing woozworld
Have a Good Day/Night