I Got My Proof!

Hey Guys, Cloe here.

You all heard about mariola/msanchez12/watever.

Here’s a proof of she will never do anything bad again.

Here’s a close up to it:

Yep, she broke her promise. Ha, in your face.

And I will save it forever and ever.

So yea, I got my proof.

Here’s an url to it: http://reporterofcloeandallstar.wordpress.com/2012/06/17/cloe-4/

CYA Everyone,



you know what


Hey Aytan here and the fight between msanchez12 Marc and cloe. lets have a decision! if u want cloe out of the blog say i in your comments if u want msanchez12 out of the blog say i whoever has the most votes your out!

k?  cya later


Yes I Finally Did it!

OK you know how you can make the background transparent. And I did It. Here it goes:

Allstar Mlb Game Has Started

Well I am Very Excited about the Mlb Allstar game. And of course I go for The Cardinals(:

Here’s a pic of them:(Rafael Furcal)

Also The Nationals Are winning

Msanchez12 i need you to change your gravetar pic to your AAS avatar kk?



Hey It Msanchez12

HI Thanks For adding Me in this Blog. Everyone knows Me by Mariola. Or People That Really know me as Fernanda.  Peace Out!