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Hey guys, I created my own Fantasy Football league on Yahoo Sports. If u want to join, please comment your email address below, Thanks.

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Fantasy Baseball

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Hey guys Conner here long time no talk. I created a Fantasy Baseball team on Yahoo and i need (at least) 4 others to join so if u want give me your email address so i can invite u thanks.

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Do You All Remember!



Hey Moneyc Is Here I was Playing A Game And Saw This Game From AAS ( Action Allstars) So Heres Pictures




So Do You Remember And Heres The Website To Get It

Thats All I Got For You Today 

~Moneyc123~ Stay Safe Athletes 



Hey I’m Back And Wooz


Hey Its Moneyc123 Im Back So I Will Be Talking Bout NFL And MLB I Don’t Think Nobody Else Is Back But If You Are Still On Wooz Tell Me Your Name Well Thats All I Got To Say Today And I Will Try My Best To Post Everyday Or Every Week

~Moneyc123~ Stay Safe Peace


NBA 2K14: Crew Mode is BACK!

Firefox_wallpaperHey Athletes, Long time no see right? Brett297 here!

Sorry about not posting so often, school really affects me. But anyways, I go on Twitter and I find a secret message posted on Ronnie 2K’s Twitter. I don’t remember the hashtag, I think it was #3R335 or something… It stands for 3 rings, 3 years with Heat, and other things. But anyway, the NBA 2K14 Trailer says at the bottom “Crew Mode for Current Gen ONLY.” You know what that means.  Xbox 360’s and Playstation 3’s will be able to play Crew Mode on 2K14. However, the Xbox One, and the Playstation 4, won’t be able to. Now, I would think it’d be the other way around. New generators get the better upgrades right? Apparently not here! So, if I were you, I would keep your Xbox 360 or PS3 (if you already have one) and use that to play NBA 2K14. Just my opinion though…


That’s all I have for this post!

Later Athletes,



Draft time and date

hey guys drew here just to tell you guys that the Action Allstars Fantasy Football league will start on Saturday August, 17th at noon sooo… yeah we were able to get the last spot for the league so yea. See yea later guys bye.

Fantasy Football League Year 2 and Thegaminguniverse24

hey guys drew here with 2 things one is the 2nd year of Fantasy Football League we only had 4 last year hopefully 6 or 8 could join this year so far its me and conner aytan and money’s are still pending but…yeah

and 2 is my gaming channel called Thegaminguniverse24 i know it doesnt have perfect quality but its gameplay none of the less so… yeah that will be all if you guys are interested then just comment down below anyway see ya guys drew out…..