Athlete Spotlight – Under Construction

aytanHey PPL athlete spotlight is under construction so if you wanna be athlete spotlight just comment below!


20 Responses

    2.texas rangers
    3.josh hamilton
    4.Chloe6897 so glad to be the athlete spotlight thank u so much aytan

  2. hey i thought i was the athlete spotlight

  3. My Answers:

    Q: Favorite Sport?
    A: Soccer

    Q: Favorite Team
    A: F.C. Barcelona

    Q: Who is your favorite Reporter on this blog
    A: Aytan, Cloe, and Abby

    Q: Anything else you would like to add.
    A: Go Mexico Nation Soccer Team and Thanks for having me on here.


  4. Hey aytan, you might not know me, or you might but I am TBB, and i was wondering if i could do athlete spotlight.. if thats cool with you.

    Sincerly, TBB

  5. athlte spotlight

    4.Arshak And Cloe
    5. i wanna thank aytan for this for letting me be the athlete spotlight

    2. BOBCATS and TORONTO!!! jk bulls
    3. Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose
    4. hard one… but ALL OF EM!!!
    5. murci bien! TRANSLATION: Thank you very much

  8. […] Athlete spotlight[…]

  9. Bro, we all gotta start talking again man I miss yall.

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